HR Management

Drive Productivity Through Automation

HR data is the foundation to managing and engaging your entire workforce. With configurable workflows, notifications, and comprehensive self-service functionality, you can efficiently and effectively manage the entire employee lifecycle for an agile, multi-generational, and virtual workforce.

Employee Self-Service

  • Directly connect your people to their HR data
  • Paperless open enrollment experience
  • Paperless onboarding experience
  • Online pay stubs, W2s, and comp statements
  • Access benefits plan information
  • Submit PTO requests
  • Native mobile apps

Manager Self-Service

  • 24/7 access to HR data and employee history
  • Employee master record that includes:
    • Compensation
    • Positions
    • Skills & assets
    • HR events
    • Certifications
  • Easily submit and approve transaction requests- PAFs
  • Visibility to team performance
  • Share updates & post surveys
  • Recognize top performers
  • Create consistent processes
  • Dynamic dashboards for data-based decisions


  • Adhere to local, state, and federal laws
  • Trach OSHA, FLSA, ACA data
  • Maintain a single record of data
  • Manage licenses and certifications
  • Easily generate real-time reports for audits


  • Position specific new hire document packages
  • Job offers & disciplinary actions
  • 100% paperless onboarding
  • Accessible via employee self-service

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