Control labor costs, mitigate compliance risk, and drive people productivity.

Time data is captured within the single database HCM solution eliminating the hassle of importing time data from a disparate system and creating a seamless payroll processing experience with accurate data.

Time & Labor

Accurately manage labor records, control labor costs, and improve people productivity. Your employees will be empowered with the tools they need to:

  • Review and approve timecards
  • Click in and out
  • Transfer departments and locations
  • View available PTO and request time off
  • Track job costing

Capture Time Data

Web Clock

Eliminate paper timesheets for a “no-cost” method for employees to record their time. Web clocks can be accessed via laptop, work station, mobile, or remote location.

Mobile App

Time data can be captured via remote or job-site locations with geo-fencing capabilities and Face ID for your on-the-go workforce. As part of the full mobile app, your people can manage all of their time data at their fingertips.


The kiosk includes configurable function keys and live employee photographs accessed via wireless or wired internet connection. Enhance the experience with a biometric finger scanner or badge reader.